Kids Craft


Our Mission

Our mission is to advocate for kids whose parents are in no shape or form able to financially support their education and cultural growth. We strive to increase these children´s growth into society with our programs throughout the year by exposing them to educational and cultural knowledge; while developing their skills to empower them for a better future.


Most importantly, through these activities, they will be given the chance to build more confidence, to feel wanted and to develop dreams for their future.

In addition, we make it our mission to support these regions in times of disasters to ensure that they too receive the assistance needed.


Sponsor a Child

To help The Village of Fun, Inc. bring these great and fun experiences for the kids, donors can choose to sponsor a child or a specific activity. The cost to sponsor a child for our Summer Camp Program starts at $65 and our Scholarship program starts at $250 per child (Scholarship covers: Tuition, Books, and Uniforms for the entire school year)



In-Kind Donations
We also welcome In-kind Donations of gift cards, school and art supplies, personal care products, unwrapped gifts, non-perishable food, etc.

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